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Along with promoting tuna processing and export, Phu Yen encourages businesses to focus on promoting Phu Yen tuna products and boost domestic consumption through service and tourism activities.
Following the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Phu Yen discourages increasing the number of fishing vessels but concentrates deeply on post-harvest preservation stages to improve the quality of tuna and boost domestic consumption. Especially, for more than 1 year, some restaurants, hotels, and large tourist areas of the province regularly invite culinary experts to perform the demonstration of slaughtering and processing of tuna to serve customers. Through these activities, contributing to bringing Phu Yen tuna specialty to many domestic consumers, raising the value and brand of ocean tuna in Phu Yen.

Not only affecting tourism, but the Covid-19 acute respiratory infection also makes exporting agricultural products difficult. Recently, to join hands to support people, many organizations, individuals and businesses have promoted activities, consumption of agricultural products took place quite strongly in many localities. On the morning of February 24, the Logistics Department also organized a program to "rescue" watermelon for people in Tra Vinh province.

The program "Join hands with the farmers in Tra Vinh province to consume 10 tons of watermelon" was launched by the Logistics Department to each of the officials in the whole unit, and then organized a bus trip to Tra Vinh farmers. This morning, these watermelons were shipped to the affiliated units. This is a practical activity, joining hands with the community, sharing with farmers in times of difficulty in output in agricultural product consumption.



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