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Facing the complicated situation of COVID-19 disease, Industry, and Trade, and the business community has strengthened coordination and implementation of solutions to stabilize production and business activities.
Steer and coordinate promptly

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, with the production and trading of goods in the province, the unit has directed supermarkets, convenience stores, and distributors in the area to ensure the supply of essential goods to serve the needs. of people. Currently, essential goods are guaranteed to supply the market. The unit promptly coordinated with the provincial Market Management Department to intensify inspection of business establishments to stabilize the prices of goods on the market.

At production and business enterprises, implementing the direction of the Provincial People's Committee on COVID-19 disease prevention, the Department of Industry and Trade requires enterprises to review and report on the situation of labor, Chinese and Korean experts. Quoc worked at production facilities and went back to Tet in China, Korea ... and has not returned to Vietnam; to work with foreign partners so that experts and laborers of other countries have not yet temporarily returned to Vietnam and have appropriate labor employment plans to avoid affecting production and business.

Statistics of Industry and Trade, import and export activities of the province focus on cashew nuts, wood products, seafood, garments, electronic components, glasses ... to European and Taiwan markets. , China, Korea, Japan, the USA ... Since the appearance of the COVID-19 epidemic, up to now, it has affected the import and export activities of enterprises, but not much.

Mr. Tran Thien Tri, the representative of Trang Thuy Seafood Company Limited (An Phu Industrial Park), shared that: Although the COVID-19 disease still complicated in many countries around the world, seafood export activities of the company, However, the company continued to operate in normal markets with stable prices. The company is coordinating with functional agencies, updating market information, epidemic situation to timely guide.

Take precautions

According to enterprises in the province, now the Northern border gates tighten control of goods to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, the frequency of goods transport by ships at seaports decreases compared to the past. However, in cases where the goods have not been exported, the enterprise only needs to reduce the number of goods produced, store them, or ensure preservation stages. Some businesses also have plans to deal with output, find new markets to consume goods ...

Mr. Nguyen Hung Hoa, Director of Nguyen Hung Co., Ltd (Song Cau Town), said: The company exports tuna by waterway to Taiwan and Thailand. Currently, the frequency of trains is less than before so the company has to delay the time of delivery. Besides, due to the slowing of the market demand, the company's export volume decreased by about 20-30%, but it did not affect production activities much. With the current epidemic situation, we will review the market for a suitable solution.

Mr. Tran Minh Truong, Director of Long Son Tuy Hoa Co., Ltd., said: The amount of cashew processed in the company is mainly exported to European markets, the Chinese market only exports a small amount. Therefore, the fact that China is severely affected by the disease will not affect the company's operations much. Particularly for raw materials, before Tet, the company has imported and stockpiled, so it can now ensure production sources. The company also intensified looking for new markets to create output, to prevent the impact of COVID-19 disease.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the situation of COVID-19 disease is still complicated, potentially affecting the production, export, and import activities of enterprises in general and Phu Yen in particular. Therefore, the provincial Industry and Trade sector proactively proposes solutions to support businesses in the province.

Mr. Tran Van Tan, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, said that the Industry and Trade Industry recommends businesses to research solutions, find more markets to import raw materials if there is a shortage and create output for export products. Along with that, the immediate solution to boost the consumption of the province's key products is to focus on boosting the domestic market consumption, implementing trade promotion activities, connecting the consumption of agricultural and aquatic products. production of provinces with provinces and cities throughout the country.

 “The Department of Industry and Trade will establish a focal point with the provincial and municipal Industry and Trade Departments to be supported to introduce and connect traders, distributors, supermarkets, restaurants ...; organize direct surveying and consulting teams in localities; make supply and demand connection or work directly with distributors. It also provides information to foreign businesses, customs clearance at the Northern border gates, changes in policies, import and export management mechanisms, or adverse information about the production. key products of the province in the markets for businesses to actively export and consumption plans. The department will guide businesses to expand foreign markets in addition to traditional markets, “Mr. Tran Van Tan informed.


Source: Phu Yen News.

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