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In recent days, the number of vessels practicing gill net catching tuna of fishermen constantly arrives at Hon Ro port (Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa).
According to preliminary assessment, this fishing trip has an average output of 5 - 10 tons/ship, along with high and stable selling prices, some ships have earned tens of millions of dong.

The management board of Hon Ro port said that since the beginning of March, there have been about 100 vessels catching striped melon tuna coming ashore with an average output of 5-10 tons of fish/vessel.

Currently, the buying price is 50,000 VND / kg of type 1 fish and the price of buying buckets ranges from 30,000 - 40,000 VND / kg. This price is quite high compared to the previous fishing trips, so after deducting the cost, each fishing vessel can earn 50 - 100 million dong of interest.

The owner of KH95979 ship - Dr. Tran Van Nuoi, ​​Nha Trang city excitedly said that at the end of the previous trip, his ship caught more than 5 tons of fish, after deducting expenses, the profit was about 60 million VND. According to Nuri, ​​this occasion is quite favorable weather, striped melon tuna appears quite a lot on the fishing ground so almost every fishing boat has a profit.

In Khanh Hoa province, there are currently nearly 200 fishing boats engaged in gill net tuna fishing with the main fishing ground in Truong Sa waters and DK1 rig.

Previously, each fishing trip lasted for more than 15 days with an average yield of 20 tons/vessel but the price of fish was low due to unsatisfactory fish quality. Currently, fishermen practicing gill net shorten fishing time to 10 - 12 days/trip. Although the output is less the fish quality is high, the price is good, so it brings good economic effects for local fishermen.

Source: Tin Tuc News.

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