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The canned tuna market in Slovakia, Eastern Europe, has nearly doubled in just 2 years, showing that this is a potential export market for tuna processors. According to Eurostat statistics, the Slovak market tends to import more and more high-class sliced ​​tuna products and popular products.
In 2019, Slovakia imported a total of 6,168 tons of canned tuna, an increase of 78% compared to 2017 and 6% compared to 2018. This increase in imports is correlated with the decrease in the average import price of products. Canned tuna from major suppliers. In 2 years, the average CFR price of canned tuna products imported into this market decreased by 14%, equivalent to 690 USD / ton.

A small portion of canned tuna products imported into this market is re-exported to other EU countries, mainly Eastern European countries, where Slovakia provides 1,381 tons of canned tuna. At present, Slovakia is a country without tuna production and processing.

Among the supplies, Thailand is dominating this market after a spike (379%) of shipments to Slovakia in 2018. However, in 2019 Thai canned tuna exports to the market will increase. This school is down slightly. This surge in Thailand's exports to Slovakia is due to the high demand for Slovakia's tuna shredded meat products and the ability of canned products to compete at very competitive prices. Thailand. So despite being subject to a 24% high tax when exporting to the EU, canned tuna products from Thailand still compete well in the Slovak market.

The Spanish canned producers are the second largest source for the Slovak market, with an export volume of 146 tons lower than Thailand in 2019. But canned tuna products from Spain. Houses are being sold at a much higher price than Thailand, at 2,359 EUR / tonne (pre-tax price). In 2019, canned tuna exports of Spain to Slovakia also decreased compared to 2018, due to the price of products of this country tend to rise higher than the same period.

Vietnamese canned producers are ranked fifth among the largest tuna suppliers for the Slovak market. After a drop in exports in 2018, Vietnam's canned tuna exports to Slovakia have grown tremendously in 2019, reaching 116%. This growth is attributed to the fact that canned tuna producers have offered more competitive prices, down 5% compared to 2018. With the average CFR in 2019 of canned products at 2,936 USD / ton, canned tuna products of Vietnam are having the 2nd lowest price, after Thailand. Therefore, the market share and rankings of canned tuna in Slovakia have increased in 2019.

Along with Vietnam, another Southeast Asian country is also increasing strongly exporting canned tuna to the Slovakia market, the Philippines. In 2019, the country's canned tuna exports to Slovakia are 145% higher than the previous year. And like Vietnam, the Philippines canned tuna producers are providing products at a more competitive price than in previous years, the average CFR of Philippine canned tuna products in 2019 has decreased. 15% compared to 2018. And this also helps the Philippines increase its market share in this market.

It is worth mentioning that while canned tuna products of Thailand and Vietnam are subject to a high tax of 24% when exported to the EU, Philippine products are exempt from export tax to this market. Thus, it can be seen that, despite the high tax with high competitive price of canned tuna products of Thailand and Vietnam, they still compete well in this market.


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